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One thing makes us unique and helps us stand ahead of our competition…and it’s that our services are of standard quality, and easily AFFORDABLE. 


This is because we serve mostly small businesses who are just growing…and we love to see them grow! 


Simply use the form below to tell us your project specifications, and we’d get back to you as soon as possible on the cost implications.



If Your New Website Is An E-Commerce Website/Online Shop/Web Shop, Are You Going To Accept Payments On The Website?
Yes. I will.No. I will not.I really don't know

What Pages Would You Like To Have In Your Website? Kindly Choose Them Below
Home PageAbout PageServices PageProducts PagePricing PageTeam Page or SectionBlogContact PageOthers

Do You Have Your Brand Items, e.g., Logos, Images, etc.?
Yes. I will provide them.No. Not at all.

Who Will Manage The Website For You When We're Done With Your Project?
I will manage it myselfI have someone who will manage it for meYour company will manage it for meI really don't know

What Timeline Do You Set For Your Project? Kindly Choose Them Below
Less than 1 week1 to 4 weeks5 to 8 weeksMore than 8 weeksI really don't know

What Web Hosting Package Price Can You Afford Annually? (NOTE: Web Hosting Package prices vary according to hosting bandwidths, website disk spaces, and so forth)
$100 to $200 per year$201 to $300 per year$301 to $500 per yearMore than $500 per yearI really don't know

Generally, Depending on What You Want To Do, Your Project Could Cost From $15 to $65 to $200, or More. To Make Things Easy, We Have Flexible Payments Options for You. So, Choose Your Preferred Payments Options Below:
100%60%-40%50%-50%50%-40%-10%50%-30%-20%40%-40%-20%40%-30%-30%30%-30%-30%-10%30%-30%-20%-20%20%-20%-20%-20%-20%I really don't know




Sincerely Yours,  

Taofeeq AZEEZ,

Founder, The Generalissimo Media




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