Our 2020 (Business) Year in Review



The Generalissimo Media is one of the leading Web Consulting, Corporate Branding, and Digital Media Marketing Agency, in Nigeria…


And, to the glory of the Almighty, we were able to achieve the following (in the Year 2020):


(i.) We designed at least 16 Websites:


http://enifeatobiloye.com/ – Enife Osaro ATOBILOYE (A Self-Leadership Coach)


http://pansaharan.com/ – Pan-Saharan Publishing Group (An Online Research and Journals Publication Platform)


http://adamalao.com/ – AdamSkil Graffics (A Graphics Designs Freelancer)


http://olabisiolalekan2021.com/ – #OlabisiOlalekan2021 (A Wedding Invitation Website)


http://lavivtravels.com/ – La Viv Travels Ltd. (A Logistics, Holiday, Travels, and Career Services Company Website re-Design)


http://investment.fpe.com.ng/ – FPE Foods and Agro-allied Limited (Agro-allied Investment Website)


http://fpe.com.ng/ – FPE Foods and Agro-allied Limited (Agro-allied Website re-Design)


http://exploringagribusiness.com/ – Exploring Agribusiness (Agribusiness Consultancy Website)


http://blog.exploringagribusiness.com/ – Exploring Agribusiness Hub (An Online Repository on Agribusiness)


http://rolpta.com/ – ROLPTA Innovations (An Online Logistics Systems Platform) – Under Construction


http://farmculture.org.ng/ – FarmCulture College of Agricultural Science and Technology (An Agricultural Research Institute) – Under Construction


http://cagg.ng/ – CAGG Foundation (A Social Entrepreneurship Website) – Under Construction


http://pamcakesandfoodies.com.ng/ – Pam Cakes and Foodies (A Cakes and Confectioneries Business Website) – Under Construction


http://softacourse.com/ – Softacourse (An e-Learning Platform) – Under Construction


http://universitybasedjournals.com/ – University Based Journals (An Online Research and Journals Publication Platform) – Under Construction


http://smartedgesynergies.com.ng/ – Smart Edge Synergies (An Agricultural Equipment Sales Website) – Under Construction


…and so forth


(ii.) We maintained about 3 Websites:


http://hemoghytravels.com.ng/ – Hemoghy Travels Services (A Travel Agency)


http://wertvollic.com/ – Wertvoll Integrated Company (A Corporate Branding Enterprise)


http://arrowpoint.com.ng/ – ArrowPoint Global Consults (An Educational Verification and Validation Consultancy Enterprise)


(iii.) We branded about 4 Businesses:


Effort Herbal Tradomedical Centre

Adigszon Consults

God’s Glory Global Services

JerryJo Ventures


(iv.) We trained about 10 Students (Online) on Web Designing


Appreciation and Acknowledgements:


Of course, we won’t be able to achieve these feats, if not for God, the Almighty, and our esteemed clients, customers, partners, referees, promoters, and students.


Although we fell short of what we had last year 2019, as a result of a combination of certain factors, among which is the global pandemic that shut down businesses for months, yet we were still able to achieve some feats, notwithstanding.


Our Clients:

Shop Time NG

Women’s Health First (Nigeria)

HAMA Properties Consultancy

La Coin Investments (Cairo, Egypt)

Islam Node

FPE Foods and Agro-allied Limited

AgroWatch International

Life Gospel Mega International Church

Survival Strategies Resources

Zeeda’s Place

Robin Gas Enterprises

Wertvoll Integrated Company

Zeon Consults

Adaeze Okezie

Generation Nehemiah

Yola Economic Summit

Ajibcare Multiglobal Ventures

ROLPTA Innovations Limited

CAGG Foundation

SimpleData Internet Services

September 26, 1992, Hercules Charlie Widows’ Association

ArrowPoint Global Consults

Hemoghy Travels Services

Brother and Sister Africa

RSVP Consulting

Adigszon Consults

Effort Herbal Tradomedical Centre

God’s Glory Global Services

JerryJo Ventures


La Viv Travels Ltd.

The Merciful Merchants

FarmCulture College of Agricultural Science and Technology

Pam Cakes and Foodies


Smart Edge Synergies

…and so forth


Our Partners, Referees, & Promoters:


AdamSkil Graphix

Wertvoll Integrated Company

Temih Graphics

Honourz Concepts International

Kobomoje TV & Kobomoje Productions

Don-Rash Digital Services

Just Emdee Consults

Prince Olanipekun Awoyemi

Princess Tolani Kareem

…and so forth


We’re humbly saying a BIG Thank You to every one of you!


We hope to achieve more together in the next year, 2021.



Kindly accept our esteemed regards to You.
Taofeeq AZEEZ
Founder & Web Consultant at The Generalissimo Media

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