Life Gospel Mega International Church Inc. (Grace City)



Life Gospel Mega International – is a Church Website.

It is a Religious and Spiritual Center.

Life Gospel Mega International Church Inc. (Grace City) needed an ‘Online Brand Presence‘, as well as an avenue to spread evangelism, reach out to their audience, and to accept willing donations to aid evangelism, etc.

At The Generalissimo Media, we therefore helped them achieved all those goals by setting up a befitting ‘Church/Religious Center Website‘ for them.




Features of the website include, but not limited to:

* Great design outlay (with over 5 standard web pages) that catches the eyes and increases brand credibility.

* On web, front-page featured Church workers display to make the audience familiar with the brains behind the Spiritual Ministry.

* A full Church Gallery, displaying the recent activities of the Church, anyone might be willing to see.

* On web, Video Streaming facility, for members to see past Church sermons, events, etc., in video.

* On web, Audio Streaming facility, for members to listen to past Church sermons, etc., in audio.

* A Testimony section, where members can watch Testimony videos, listen to Testimony audios, and read Testimony transcripts, and as well as an on Web Form where they can drop their own Testimonies for others to see what the Lord has done in their lives.

* A live, on web, Donation section, with Donation Form, for members and others willing to support the Lord’s ministry by donating online (on the website – from the comfort of their rooms!), secured with the most securedOnline Payment Processing Systems‘.

* Church Ministry section, showcasing the various ministries of the Lord’s workers.

* Social media channels integration to boost brand audience reach.

* Easy contact medium (Contact Page, with Contact Form) to ease audience support, prayers requests, etc.

* And so much more.


Duration of Web Project Execution at The Generalissimo Media:

Approximately 4 weeks (28 days)


Project Value at The Generalissimo Media:

$420 OR #150,000


For Further Enquiries:

WhatsApp: +234 (0) 706-553-3549


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