You’re NOT paying for the training I’m telling you about in a moment below…it’s completely free, save for the $1.50 (or, ₦600) One-Time-Off Life-Time platform fee, aimed at differentiating between the serious and the unserious ones.


Save that, you’re paying NOTHING ELSE thereafter!


Now, read the details:

How Many Of The Topics Below Did You Know?


The topics are just a few highlights of what I’d be showing you in the coming months.


You’ll find even more, as we get along in our newly launched “Web Consultants Club 1.0” — a hangout within a hangout — where intermediate web consultants are groomed gradually into experts.


Every month, I’ll be publishing new topics on how to go about working on new web projects that come your way as a web consultant.


You get information on how to acquire clients and secure the web projects — go about getting the job done — and finally, delivering and repeating the entire processes and procedures.


Below are examples of some of the topics you’d come across in the club:

  • Photography Websites
  • Universities/Colleges/Schools Websites
  • Online Niche Review Websites
  • Podcasting Websites
  • Knowledgebase Websites
  • Multilingual Websites
  • Auction Websites
  • Coupon Websites
  • Online Communities (Social Networks)
  • Portfolio Websites
  • Authors Websites
  • Non-Profit/NGOs/Welfare/Fundraising/Charity Websites
  • Religious/Spiritual Websites
  • Questions and Answers Websites
  • Small Business Websites
  • Job Boards
  • E-Commerce Websites (Online Stores)
  • Business Web Directories
  • Wedding/Marriage Websites
  • Online Courses Websites
  • Medical/Healthcare/Clinics/Fitness Websites
  • Membership Websites
  • Real Estates Websites
  • News and Magazines Websites
  • WordPress Multisite Networks
  • Amazon Affiliate Stores

OR Supports Like…:

  • Creating and Managing Professional Email Accounts


  • Moving to
  • Moving Wix to WordPress
  • Moving Shopify to WordPress
  • Moving Joomla to WordPress
  • Moving GoDaddy to WordPress
  • Moving Blogger to WordPress
  • Moving Tumblr to WordPress
  • Moving Medium to WordPress
  • Moving Squarespace to WordPress


  • Moving WordPress to a New Host or Server
  • Moving WordPress to a New Domain
  • Moving WordPress from a Local Server to a Live Site
  • Updating URLs When Moving a WordPress Site

And so forth…


The simple way to get started with this, and start getting ahead in your marketplace today, is to subscribe and pay the Life-Time registration fee of ONLY $1.50 (₦600) for once, and for all!

The platform registration fee is good at just $1.50 (₦600) for the first 50 subscribers only, and it may be increased further.


So, take advantage of it now.


Over the months, the platform might cease to be free, and we start charging monthly subscription fees.


And the monthly subscription fees might even be more than what you’d be paying right now as one-time-off fee, being an early comer.


But if that ever happens, as an early comer, you won’t be charged anything other than what you’ve paid right now.


The current registration fee, NOT even a subscription fee, is a good offer you can jump on, any day.


And as soon as you start to receive the lessons in the “Web Consultants Club“, you are bound to be surprised at the transformation you’d start to see in your life and business — MORE than ever before — MORE than the number of weeks and months you’ve spent previously getting along in the industry.


And each lesson is fully loaded with guides and illustrations, coming in compact PDF, videos, web links, etc.


You get expert help on getting started with clients, analyzing different web projects, carrying out the executions of the details, following and attending to details, delivering projects, and finally, repeating the processes and procedures.


You get lessons and lessons of fully loaded, easy-to-work-with guides — more than enough to fill a costly book.


And to make sure you get along so easily, in addition to the lessons sent out via emails, we also have interactive exclusive social media groups where you can relate with the tutors, ask questions, and get along with fellow web consultants, and learn more on a constant basis.


You’ll get helpful tips, tricks, and content on a regular basis.


So, take advantage of this opportunity now, to start enjoying our monthly web consulting lessons and training for ONLY one-time registration fee of just $1.50 (₦600)!

You save yourself the costs of future monthly subscription fees.


You’re literally paying nothing for now; an honest fair deal.


But remember, this special registration fee can be guaranteed only for the first 50 subscribers.


The registration fee might be increased thereafter, and a monthly subscription fee can be introduced any time soon.


To take advantage of this sweet deal, be sure to reserve your subscription for the “Web Consultants Club 1.0” right now…today.

Cordially yours,
Taofeeq AZEEZ
Founder, The Generalissimo Media

Whether you decide to pay the platform registration fee in US Dollars or Nigerian Naira, upon successful payment, you’d be redirected AUTOMATICALLY to the page where you’d get links to join the email list for receiving the lessons via email, as well as the links to join the exclusive mastermind social media platforms.


If you find it difficult using the secure online payments medium, you can pay into the account details below:

Bank: GTBank

Account Name: The Generalissimo Media (current accounts)

Account Number: 0460465523 (Naira)

Account Number: 0468152979 (US Dollar)

After making the payments, kindly contact us on WhatsApp at +353-89-974-5978 with the evidence of payments, and your Name, valid Email Address, and WhatsApp Contact Line for registration to the classes.


Note that “Web Consultants Club 1.0” is not for newbies or beginner web consultants.  Beginner web consultants can contact us via WhatsApp on +353-89-974-5978 on where to get started.

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