WordPress Website Design Boot-Camp (Lesson 4)

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WordPress Website Design Boot-Camp



Lesson 4:

The Step-By-Step Guide on Setting Up A WordPress Website


Firstly…to start with…you have to have a domain name


This is the name your website bears on the World Wide Web…


Something like, ‘mywebsite.com’, or ‘mywebsite.net’…and so forth.


Now, choosing your domain name…


…someone else might have chosen the name you want before you do… which means you won’t be able to use it anymore…


So, to know if a particular domain name is still available for you to choose and register…you go to Whois.org …to check.


If available, you can then go on to register it…


NOTE that: You will find the option to purchase the domain name from Whois.org …but please DON’T do!


The reason is, a lot of website hosting service providers which I’m going to talk about in a moment might give you domain names for FREE as a promo! 🙂


Now, based on the website hosting service provider you use, and the kind or level of domain name you’re purchasing – be it, ‘.com’, ‘.net’, ‘.org’, ‘.com.ng’, ‘.net.ng’, ‘.org.ng’, etc. – you might either get a free domain name, or you get one at a cheap premium.


Now, it’s time to host your new website and get a domain name…



What’s a hosting account?


That’s simply where your website files is stored on the internet.


Something likes the land where you stand your business building on.



How do you choose a good hosting account?


Generally, a good hosting service provider should boast of:


  1. Backup service


  1. Reliable hardware


  1. 99.9% server uptime


  1. Unmetered bandwidth


  1. High level security


  1. Experienced staff


  1. Free domains


  1. Unlimited emails


  1. Scalability to fit your needs


  1. Awesome clients/customers feedbacks


  1. And so forth…


The hosting service provider I’m going to introduce you to, possesses most of the above qualities…


And it’s…


HostNowNow ←


To set up your hosting account with HostNowNow, you can follow the processes below:


(NOTE that, whichever hosting you use, the processes are almost the same)


#1: select the right hosting package that suits your needs or your budget


#2: choose a new (or free) domain (whichever is applicable), or use an existing domain


#3: enter your account details


#4: complete your hosting purchase


#5: select your password


#6: log in into your web hosting cPanel



The above procedure should be seamlessly easy…yet, if you encounter any issues, don’t hesitate to contact us at; support@TheGeneralissimoMedia.com, or +234 706 553 3549 (Call/SMS/WhatsApp) – and we’ll be glad to help!


Now, you’ve got a domain name, and you’ve got a hosting account…it’s now time to install WordPress onto your domain name and hosting account…


You see:


WordPress, like always mentioned, is known as the most popular blogging platform and content management system.


New users are often surprised when they’re told that WordPress is also well-known for its ease of installation.


All best WordPress web hosting companies allow you to install WordPress within few clicks.


In most circumstances, installing WordPress is a simple process that takes less than five minutes to complete.


In this lesson, my goal is to offer a comprehensive WordPress installation tutorial for beginners and advanced users, alike, using one of the most popular software out there – Softaculous.


Although, there are more than 10 ways of installing WordPress onto your domain and hosting account, Softaculous – being an easy way – is our focus of study in this lesson.


So, I’m now going to show you how to install WordPress using Softaculous for beginners.



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