WordPress Website Design Boot-Camp (Lesson 6)

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WordPress Website Design Boot-Camp



Lesson 6:

How to Design, Configure, and Secure Your Website for Maximum Usage


In the previous lessons, we’ve discussed:


+ The business of website development – that’s how lucrative it is


+ Why you should choose WordPress as a medium to work on – and a platform top brands use too


+ How to search for domain name availability


+ How to register a domain name


+ How to buy a hosting account




+ How to install WordPress onto your domain name and hosting account


It’s now time to go deep into designing, configuring, troubleshooting, and getting upfront and ahead on the entire WordPress game!


It’s all a lot of training…


I can’t possibly finish them in a few days, even if I want to…


And most people might not even have the patience to continue navigating web pages!


And just like I mentioned in the beginning of this training…


I’ve compiled some materials for those who’d always love to get ahead of the game and start and run a good WordPress website designing and development business…


I compiled a concise, but comprehensive guide, I call, ‘The WordPress Website Design Cheat-Sheet





In this ‘The WordPress Website Design Cheat-Sheet‘, you’ve got to learn a lot of things on the game of WordPress website development…


You’d find in it:


+ 10 tips to choosing a great domain name perfectly tailored to your specific kind of business


+ 10+ ways to install WordPress onto your domain – using Fantastico, Softaculous, SimpleScripts, FTP, etc.


+ The systematic ways to crafting the most important pages on your website – home page, privacy policy, services, etc.


+ Fully detailed step-by-step guide to setting up, designing, and securing up to 33 kinds of websites, and even more, using the WordPress content management system:


Blogs, photography sites, schools sites, wiki knowledgebase, auction sites, coupon sites, social networks, authors sites, writers sites, e-book selling sites, NGOs and charity sites, religion and spiritual sites, business sites, job boards (e.g., UpWork, etc.), online stores/e-commerce, family sites, online courses sites, micro job sites (e.g., Fiverr, etc.), medical/clinic sites, membership sites, real estate sites, news and magazines sites, amazon affiliate stores, and so forth.


+ The 8 ‘S’ strategy of configuring a WordPress website – security, spam, speed, etc.


+ 30 ways to make money online blogging with WordPress


+ 40 tools to manage and grow your WordPress blog


+ 19 working tips to drive traffic to a WordPress site


+ 73 types of potent blog posts


+ 103 great blog post ideas you can steal


+ All you need to know on creating and managing free custom professional email addresses for businesses – e.g., contact@mywebsite.com, info@mysite.com, admissions@myschool.com, etc.


+ Hot Cakes:


+ How to move your website from other platforms to WordPress:


Shopify to WordPress.org, WordPress.com to WordPress.org, Joomla to WordPress.org, GoDaddy to WordPress.org, Blogger to WordPress.org, Tumblr to WordPress.org, etc.


WordPress designers here in Nigeria charge up to #50,000 for just moving your website from blogger to WordPress!


+ How to move your WordPress website to a new host or server, new domain, from a local server to a live site, etc.


+ How to troubleshoot your WordPress site


+ How to scan your WordPress site for vulnerabilities


+ How to find back doors hackers create in your WordPress website and how to fix it


+ How to fix and restore your WordPress website from hack-down!


…and so forth!


…and lastly


+ Access to streams of WordPress training and resources for both the beginners and the advanced WordPress users.


…and so many more!


Now, to extend and maximize the benefits you get from purchasing, ‘The WordPress Website Design Cheat-Sheet‘…


I’ve attached the following bonuses to your purchase of, ‘The WordPress Website Design Cheat-Sheet‘:


+ $20 Email Marketing Setup Registration Bonus Quick Guide


A guide to show you a quick tip to winning a free $20 (#7, 200) for just signing up for a free email marketing account!


How to start making that regularly as an affiliate too…


And so forth…





+ Foreign PayPal Account Setup Guide


Because, you can only withdraw your affiliate earnings here via PayPal (and because with a Nigerian based PayPal account, you won’t be able to withdraw your affiliate earnings)…


I’ve hence attached a bonus guide for you on how to set up and run a foreign based PayPal account…





+ The Free Traffic Generation System


Like you’ve probably known… this is my guide on how to drive free online traffic to your specific kind of business…





+ The Secret Facebook Custom Audience Targeting System [SF-CATS]


My premium software access, guide, and (30-days) training I sell for #2,650…


…this shows you how to run successful Facebook ads by targeting your exact kind of audience.





+ Your Everyday Pay-Day Affiliate Marketing Tip


One of my latest guides on how you can earn affiliate commissions every single day of your life (if you follow the guidelines therein as stated)… 


Easy to follow guidance for earning cool affiliate commissions!





+ Clients and Customers Magnetic Hookup Secret Email Format


There’s a hack to everything…


Using this easy to use trick, you can literally hook a client or customer down…


Forcing them to call you for business!


It’s a crazy hack that works great all the time! 🙂





…and lastly


+ The Social Seminar Blueprint


Going forward in your WordPress website design business, you’d need to organize and run social seminars to train and acquire customers and clients…


This new guide would work you through an effective social seminar that’s both profitable for you… and as well highly educating to your audience…


You’d love it!





And that’s all!


The WordPress Website Design Cheat-Sheet‘, along with its accompanying great bonuses!


The bonuses alone are great standalone products!




You’ll want to ask how much the, ‘The WordPress Website Design Cheat-Sheet‘ costs.


It costs just $29 (#10,300)


Even, given all the great things you find in it…as well as its accompanying bonuses!


To grab your copy, simply use the secure online payment system via the link below:



→ Buy ‘The WordPress Website Design Cheat-Sheet‘ + its bonuses NOW! ←





The WordPress Website Design Cheat-Sheet‘ along with its awesome accompanying bonuses cost just $29 (#10,300), if you grabbed it quickly before I raise the price!


Kindly use the secure online payment link below to secure your purchase:



→ Buy ‘The WordPress Website Design Cheat-Sheet‘ + its bonuses NOW! ←



I’m expecting you…



Warmest regards!









Taofeeq AZEEZ

Founder, The Generalissimo Media